Information about StyleCrush

How it works

Style-Centered Shopping Experience

StyleCrush is built to help people make better purchasing choices by identifying what they actually need and then helping them efficiently find it, secondhand of course! 

Try it out in three easy steps: 

  • Browse our Outfit Inspo Bank for ideas about what to wear
  • See something you love? Wishlist It!
  • Shop our racks and see what we have right now

Ask + You Shall Receive

Since inventory in the secondhand space is always in flux, we've created a Wishlist system. Just click the "Add Your Item" button on the top right of every page, and in less than a minute you can have our whole community of stylists sourcing options just for you. 

You can also browse other people's wishlisted items, and send them an offer if you have something that's a match!